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SHADOW STUDY! I've been getting requests from my readers to write more Yelena and Valek stories since FIRE STUDY hit the shelves (I don't think the ink was dry before I received my first email). Fast forward six years and nine novels later, and I finally had an idea worthy of my two most popular characters. In fact, the idea sparked not one more Study book, but THREE more! SHADOW STUDY the first of the three books is scheduled to be released FEBRUARY 24, 2015 (always subject to change, which is why you should subscribe to my free email newsletter). More information about the book is listed below:

Yelena and Valek's POV will alternate chapters, starting with Yelena. And there are sections from Janco's POV.

The reason the book is titled, SHADOW STUDY is because during Valek's chapters, there are a number of flashbacks to his past and the place where he learned how to be an assassin is called, The School of Night and Shadows.

The second of the new set of Study books is titled, NIGHT STUDY. No title for the third yet!

As for the story - it starts soon after the events in SPY GLASS. Valek is returning to Ixia because the Commander has ordered him home - seems crafty smugglers have found a new route into Ixia and he needs Valek and Ari and Janco to investigate.

After an all too brief vacation with Valek, Yelena has to deal with an increasing anti-magician sentiment from the Sitian Council and she goes on a mission to find Ben Moon (Owen Moon's brother). Ben escaped from Wirral prison. He'd tried to kill Yelena after his brother, Owen was executed in Ixia. I highly suggest you read the story about Owen Moon's nefarious deeds before February 24, 2015. Read it here: Ice Study.

Divergent Thinking is a collection of a dozen essays written by YA authors about the universe and characters created in the Divergent Trilogy by Veronia Roth. Including:
  • What Divergent's factions have in common with one of psychology's most prominent personality models
  • The biology of fear: where it comes from and how Tris and the other Dauntless are able to overcome it
  • Full-page maps locating all five faction headquarters and other series landmarks in today's Chicago, based on clues from the books

I was thrilled to be able to write an essay with my daughter Jenna, who also enjoyed the books. Our essay is titled, Choices Can Be Made Again, and it's about making big decisions like the one Jenna is facing soon: where to go to university/college and which major to pick. I enjoyed collaborating with her and I learned quite a bit about her thoughts for her future (including the fact her plans don't necessarily match my thoughts for her future!).

Read an Excerpt from our essay Choices Can Be Made Again.

Click Here to read excerpts for all the essays and for more information on DIVERGENT THINKING

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Avry knows hardship and trouble. She fought the plague and survived. She took on King Tohon and defeated him. But now her heart-mate, Kerrick, is missing, and Avry fears he's gone forever.

But there's a more immediate theat. The Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own. With armies in disarray and the dead not staying down, Avry's healing powers are needed now more than ever.

Torn between love and loyalty, Avry must choose her path carefully. For the future of her world depends on her decision...

Read an Excerpt from TASTE OF DARKNESS.

TASTE OF DARKNESS International Covers!

UK Cover  /  Australian Cover

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AWARD NEWS!! SCENT OF MAGIC won the Golden Leaf award for best Paranormal given by the New Jersey Romance Writers chapter of RWA in October 2013! YAY! If the Golden Leaf sounds familar that's because TOUCH OF POWER and STORM GLASS won in 2012 and 2009 respectively in the same category. Because I've won three times, NJRW is going to induct me into their Golden Leaf Hall of Fame! How cool is that? Very cool!! I'm super excited and will be attending their annual conference in October 2014.


This book was written for my son, Luke. When I wrote this, he didn't like fantasy novels (I know!) or science fiction, so I wrote about a boy who is fascinated by the weather, but is terrified of storms. There isn't any magic or murder or mayhem (I know!), it's just a fun story written for kids ages 9 to 14. However, all ages can enjoy this story - there's lots of humor and dogs. Come on - who doesn't love dogs? son, Luke is more a cat person (I blame his father). This book also brings together two things I love - storms and dogs (shhh...don't tell my kitty kat).

Luke Riley is lost. His mother's recent death has set Luke and his family adrift. Even though his father, twin brothers, and their three Bloodhounds are search and rescue volunteers, they have been unable to rescue themselves and become a family again. The summer after sixth grade looms in Luke's mind as a long, lonely three months where the only thing he can look forward to is watching The Weather Channel. Luke is fascinated with the weather, but since his mother's death in a storm, he is also terrified. Even the promised 13th birthday present of a Bloodhound puppy fails to lift Luke's spirits. He would rather have a different breed - a petite Papillon, but his father insists he get a Bloodhound.

When Luke decides to get the Bloodhound from Willajean, a dog breeder who owns Storm Watcher Kennel, he works out a deal to help at her kennel in exchange for the expensive dog. Thrilled to have a summer with a purpose, Luke befriends Willajean's daughter, Megan and together they plan how Luke can get a Papillon puppy instead of a Bloodhound. But nothing seems to work as they struggle with stubborn fathers, summer storms, unhelpful siblings, and hidden guilt. Can one little white dog really save both families?

Read an Excerpt from STORM WATCHER.

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The farther we've gotten from the magic and mystery of the past, the more we've come to love Halloween - the one time each year when the mundane is overturned in favor of the bizarre, the "other side" is closest, and everyone can become anyone (or anything) they wish... and sometimes what they don't. Introducing nineteen original stories from mistresses and masters of the dark celebrate the most fantastic, enchanting, spooky, and supernatural of holidays.

My story is titled, Halloween Men, and it's the creepiest story I've ever written. I sparked on the idea for the world when I was thinking about Halloween and how people wear masks. Then I thought what if there was a society where you had to wear a mask everyday except Halloween. That thought led to this story.


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