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Lightning Never Strikes Twice?

Actually lightning strikes twice all the time. And now my middle grade novel, Storm Watcher is also striking twice with a beautiful new edition! Since the original publisher of the book, Leap Books, went out of business, it's been near impossible to find print copies of the book and the eBook has disappeared. Those few used copies that are available are rather expensive (note: I don't get a penny when you buy a used book).

Because there's been a demand for the book, I've published a second edition worldwide (in both print and eBook) on August 15, 2022. It has a lovely new cover, designed by Joy Kenney, that's more in line with Storm Watcher's intended audience (ages 8 to 13, however, many adults, including my sister, love this book as well). Also Luke's Weather Notebook, the appendix filled with strange weather facts and fun quizzes, has been updated with new graphics by Riley Haring.

Unlike my other novels, Storm Watcher doesn't have magic or any advanced technology. However, it has search and rescue dogs, meteorology, and a boy who has to conquer his fear of storms. Kirkus Reviews says it's about, Intertwining family relationships, weather science and search-and-rescue dog training, this coming-of-age story relays themes of friendship, grief, challenge, fear and responsibility without didacticism or melodrama.

You can find worldwide order links for STORM WATCHER HERE:


A Fantasy and Science Fiction Short Story Collection

Avaliable NOW!!

I'm very excited about the release of this collection! It's been on my writing "to-do" list for years and I finally had the time to put this together. In this collection, you'll find sixteen of my fantasy and science fiction short stories. These stories were written over the last fourteen years and published in various themed anthologies. Up to the Challenge is available in both print and digital editions worldwide!! You probably won't find a copy on the shelf at your local bookstore, HOWEVER you can ask them to order a copy for you. And if you live in the USA, you can order a signed copy through Cupboard Maker Books HERE

10 Reasons Why you Should Read UP TO THE CHALLENGE:

  • 10. Sixteen fantasy and science fiction stories all in one collection. No need to hunt down all the anthologies I've contributed to that are now out of print.
  • 9. Two brand new short stories just for you and found nowhere else.
  • 8. Editor of Weird Tales Magazine, Jonathan Maberry says it's Brilliant, insightful, weird, heartbreaking, and way too much fun! And we all know Jonathan is an expert in weird.
  • 7. A "Dear Reader" letter that has all the feels.
  • 6. Behind-the-scenes introduction for each story. See inside the mind of the author (if you dare!).
  • 5. No cliffhangers. Each story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. No need to stay up all night reading, "just one more chapter."
  • 4. New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Estep says, This fun, entertaining story collection features something for every reader. And you're a reader, so there you go.
  • 3. Short stories as in, short enough to read while waiting in line, or waiting for the kids, or waiting for your dentist/doctor appointment. Basically a time machine in the palm of your hand!
  • 2. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, Godzilla bombs, beserkers, and faster-than-light travel all in the same book!
  • 1. Guarentee that you'll be transported to other worlds, that you'll fall in love with new characters, and you'll be inspired to tackle the next challenge in your own life!
You can find worldwide order links for UP TO THE CHALLENGE HERE:


(Sentinels of the Galaxy Book 3)

WON two PRISM Awards!! WOOT!! Super exciting! One PRISM was for Best SF/Futuristic novel and the other with for the BEST of the BEST! The contest coordinator told me that I'd received an "almost perfect score." It's still thrilling to win and winning another Best of the Best was totally unexpected! Now I can say the Sentinels of the Galaxy series did a clean sweep of the PRISM Awards! Five total! WOOT!

I will admit that this series is one of my favorites. Lyra/Ara's voice was so loud inside my head, demanding I write her story and use present tense, which I hadn't done for a novel length story. She refused to be ignored! And she "talked" to the readers directly and her parents were alive and well and very much a part of her life (much to her chagrin!).

It was also a blast to write these books. And I'm happy my readers have been loving the series. This is my favorite review of the Sentinels of the Galaxy series: What do you get when you throw some space travel, network hacking, ancient archaeology, and page-turning danger into a fantastic genre-blender and switch it on high? Sentinels of the Galaxy series of course! By on Instagram.


I have a Redbubble shop! There are currently 8 designs based on my books (some have quotes as well). You can order T-shirts, stickers, water bottles, mugs, backpacks, iPad covers, pillows, etc... The artwork was done by a number of my talented Soulfinders (if you're not a Soulfinder, scroll down for more information!!). The proceeds from the sale of these items goes into the cost of shipping prizes for my various giveaways throughout the year (more incentive to join the Soulfinders :). Click on the link below to check out the shop. Thanks!



My Facebook Reading Group has hit a couple of milestones. We have reached 3000 members and are celebrating 3 years as a group. Woot! Go us! I must admit, when I started the group, I worried about having enough engagement. Pulling together a committee of readers, we planned posts and giveaways and put together a schedule. On March 15, 2019, I activated the group and...Oh. My. Stars. A flood of readers signed on and started posting. And they haven't stopped! All those plans for naught, but no regrets as the people in the group have transformed from members into Soulfinders.

And just who are they? They post about books--memes, videos, recommendations. They post jokes about books/writing. They discuss which actor should play Valek in the movie (general consensus is Tom Hiddleston). They share their artwork, they seek advice, and they send encouragement. And the most amazing thing about this fantastic group, is they don't hesitate to help others. I put out a call to help a woman replace her books that had been destroyed in a fire. Within 3 hours, I had enough money to send her a complete set of my books.

New members are ALWAYS welcome. To join the group, click on the button below. Please answer at least two of the questions so we know you're not a troll. :)


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