Poseidon's Island Excerpt

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Poseidon's Island Excerpt:

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale..." Pilligan sang to himself as he wound the anchor's rope into a neat coil on the ship's deck. The white wood shone in the warm tropical sunshine. He'd done a fabulous job of scrubbing it, if he did say so himself. In fact, the S.S. Mini Cooper gleamed. It bobbed in the gentle waves like a seagull about to take wing.

When he finished with the rope, Pilligan set the sign out on the pier. Shaped like a ship's wheel, the sign read: Island Charters. Exotic Trip. Free Lunches. Before they added free lunches, they hadn't had a customer in months. But now--

"Pilligan!" Captain's voice cut through his musings. "Clients at two o'clock."

"But Captain, you said they'd be here at eleven." Pilligan scratched his temple in confusion.

The Captain's big belly expanded as he sighed. The motion stretched his royal blue shirt almost to the ripping point. Taking off his captain's hat, he ran a big hand through his thick white hair. Pilligan flinched, expecting to be swatted by the hat, but Captain just pointed to the end of the dock.

Five passengers stood on land, appearing confused. They peered at the rows of sailboats, fishing trawlers, pleasure cruisers and yachts docked at the Tropic Port.

"Go help them," Captain said.

"Aye, aye, Captain." Pilligan saluted.

"Oh, Pilligan?"


Captain gestured to Pilligan's red shirt and white pants. "You're supposed to instill confidence as my first mate."

"Oh. Right." He raced below decks and looped a coil of rope around his right shoulder, tied on a flashlight and a fanny pack filled with...well, he wasn't sure, but it must be something important. When he returned, he held his arms out and asked Captain how he looked.

"Like a mighty sailing man," Captain said drily.

Pilligan preened. He hustled over the dock's wooden boards to greet their clients. As he neared the group of three women and two men, he slowed.

The red-haired lady was gorgeous. Her gold evening gown glittered in the sun and hugged her curves. And boy oh boy, her figure put an hourglass to shame. The other girl had her brown hair pulled into pigtails and her complexion was farm fresh and milky pure. She wore a cotton half-shirt and short shorts. An older man and woman bickered good-naturedly. The woman's copious amount of jewelry flashed sparks of sunfire and Pilligan was surprised the seagulls hadn't attacked her. And the older man wore a straw hat with his three piece suit. The last man stood a little bit away from the group. He clutched a stack of books to his chest, wrinkling his white button down shirt. His sandy brown hair matched his tan pants.

Pilligan introduced himself to the passengers.

"About time, my boy," the older gent said. "I'm Phorbas Howl the three hundred and thirty third and this is my wife, Mrs. Lovey Howl." He pointed to a stack of luggage. "If you'd be so kind to carry these to your ship..." Mr. Howl pulled out a wad of cash. "I'll add an extra hundred if you avoid the puddles of rotten fish guts."

The red headed lady sidled up to him. "Pilligan," she said in a breathy whisper. "I'm going to need a big strong man to carry my suitcases."

"Uh, Miss..."

"Lampetia." She fluttered her long fake eyelashes at him.

"No. No," interrupted the sandy-haired man. "He needs to ferry my crates of books without getting them wet. I'm Aepytus." He shook Pilligan's hand.

"I can carry my own bags," the pigtail lady said. "I'm Euryte."

Pilligan looked at the mounds of luggage and bags. "Ummm. Do you know it's only a three hour tour?"

"A THREE HOUR TOUR." The words echoed all around them, but only Pilligan was startled by the booming voice. He peered at the passengers. They were a strange group of minor gods who now looked nervous.

"Then let's go, my boy," Mr. Howl said, waving cash in front of his face. "Time is money!"

They seemed anxious to leave. Pilligan shrugged and hefted a heavy suitcase, making the first of many trips to the S.S. Mini Cooper.

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