Night Vision

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Night Vision - Excerpt

Watching the Land Rover u-turn, Sophia’s thoughts raced. There was no doubt she had to help, but Glenn was armed. She had a tool kit, but no weapons. Tonight had been a fun ride, not a hunting trip.

She had her Honda. The two hundred and fifty cubic centimeter engine would keep up with the vehicle, and she had her…other talent if desperate. Running to her bike, she jammed her helmet on, and kicked the bike into gear.

The beams of light from the Rover sliced the darkness, making it easy for Sophia to follow. Since she didn’t need a headlight, the men should be unaware of her presence.

After bouncing and crashing along the tight trail for thirty minutes, the vehicle swung to the side, illuminating a thick patch of underbrush.

Sophia silenced her bike and coasted to a stop about a hundred feet up the trail. Propping the bike, she crept closer. The men stepped from the vehicle, leaving the engine running.

“Perfect spot,” Glenn said. “He’s starting to wake. Take him out to those briars.” He checked his weapon.

Ed pulled the captive out. The man staggered. Ed steadied him. The agent’s wrists were handcuffed behind him. Cuts lined his face and a purple bruise covered his swollen right eye. He looked groggy, but when Glenn flashed his gun, he snapped awake.

“Easy there, Mitch,” Ed said. “We’re just going to leave you here to find your own way home.”

“Right,” Mitch’s voice rasped with sarcasm.

“Come on.” Ed dragged him toward the briar patch.

One chance. With her heart doing gymnastics in her chest, Sophia opened the driver’s side door and switched the headlights off, plunging the three men into total darkness. Points scored for middle of nowhere...


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