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Capturing Images Excerpt:


Evelyn's brain cells had declared war inside her skull. The right side of her brain attacked the left with mortars and heavy artillery, while the left responded with bombs and gunfire. Why did she order that third Long Island Ice Tea? Because she had already drunk two and logic and reason had left her to photocopy their asses.

Memories of last night's party pulsed. Had she really bragged to the publisher of Vackra magazine that she could transform anyone from ugly to beautiful? And then make a bet with the woman? God, she hoped not.

And who was the idiot who had scheduled a party on a Sunday night? She rested her forehead on her desk as more brain cells died. The doorbell to her studio dinged. Without checking the security camera, she buzzed the door open. Evelyn rolled her head to the side and watched Vincenza, her make-up artist through a curtain of blond hair. The tall Italian woman sported the latest European fashions. Even her nickname--Vee was trendy.

Vee spotted her. "What happened?"

"Too much alcohol, not enough sense."

"I knew I should have stayed last night." She tsked. "Not to worry. I'll make you a tonic." Vincenza bustled off making way too much noise with her heels.

Another painful ding sounded and Evelyn's assistant--a bundle of energy contained in human form--arrived. The girl was too young and too inexperienced, but she was whip smart.

"What stinks?" Olivia asked.

"Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec fumes, courtesy of our boss lady," Vee said.

"Oh." She crinkled her nose. "Do you want me to cancel your appointments?"

"No. We're doing the cover for Glam More." It had taken Evelyn two months to find an open date with the model and the magazine's deadline was looming.

Another time limit popped unbidden into her mind. Produce a beautiful photo for me in one week. If you can not, then you are mine. Camilla D. Quinton's liquid voice sounded in her head. Maybe Camilla would forget all about the bet. She snorted. Not Camilla, otherwise known as the Demon Queen. She had not only earned that reputation, but embraced it.

The only reason Evelyn had gone to that party was to meet her. One of Camilla's rare public appearances, and Evelyn had hoped to impress the woman and be offered a cover shoot for Vackra. But Camilla's notorious resistance to using freelancers remained, preferring to do everything in house.


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